Committee Contact Company
Steering – Co-Chair Andrew Pylypchuk Planet Labs
Steering – Co-Chair Bruce McBride City of Calgary
Steering Brad Ashley Silvacom Group
Steering Cindy Post University of Alberta
Steering Leah Lilley AltaLIS Ltd
Steering Dianne Haley Haley-Comben Services Inc.
Steering Jennifer Rolph EPCOR
Steering Michael Boychuk City of Edmonton
Steering Scott McHale
Hackathon Bruce McBride City of Calgary
Sylvia Leong Enmax
Workshops Michael Boychuk City of Edmonton
Crystal Williams City of Airdrie
Speakers Randi Lees ESRI Canada
Mike Andrews EPCOR
Volunteers Carrie Wightman EPCOR
Communications Jennifer Dick IHS
Stacey Corbett Parkland County
Finance/Registration Dianne Haley Haley-Comben Services Inc.
Audrey Stamm
Sponsorship/Tradeshow Brad Ashley Silvacom Group
Scott McHale
Local Arrangements Andrew Pylypchuk Planet Labs
Stacey Corbett Parkland County
Technical Coordinator Mauricio Yamanaka City of Leduc


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