Day 1

From Diskettes to Data Lakes

The GIS Management Institute and the GIS Capability Maturity Model

Making Canada’s Oil & Gas Grid Data Sets Readily Available

Wetland Probability Classification in the Parkland Natural Region of Alberta

Workshop 1: Keeping Pace: Making Use of Imagery Data from Satellites, UAV’s, and Archival Scans

Introduction to Digital Twin and VR Visualizations

A new GIS Framework for Medicine Hat

Using Hexagon Smart M.apps for Data Visualizations

Alberta Adaptive Contact (AACT) Database

FME Implementation in Western Canada

Automating the Creation of Local Spatial Content from a Webservice

Implementation of a City Wide Address Database


Day 2

Leveraging the Power and Potential of Spatialized Socio-Economic Information

Alberta Flow Estimation Tool for Ungauged Watersheds (AFETUW)

Coordinate Systems, Geodesy, and Geospatial Analysis…of Pizza

Workshop 3: Exploring Your Data Using Augmented & Virtual Reality

Workshop 4: Strategic Planning for GIS Programs

ArcGIS Pro and the GIS Community of Practice at the City of Calgary

Milsoft GIS and Engineering Analysis Solution – a Co-Operative Electric Utility Case Study

Spatial Business Intelligence for Efficient and Effective Parks & Roads Services

What 21 Million Map Activities a Month has Taught Us About Web Mapping

Alberta Modelling Expert System (MES)

Developing a National Map of Subsurface Infrastructure

AMDSP New Funding that Should Help Reach Our Goals

Field Design and Staking Solution – a Co-operative Electric Utility Case Study

Machine Learning Approach to Discontinuous Permafrost Mapping

Day 3

SAIT & FortisAlberta Forge a Partnership to Put New Ideas on the Map

GIS & Asset Management Moving into the Future

Workshop 5: If You’re a Data Scientist, You’re really a Data Wrangler

Workshop 6: Using LiDAR for Terrain Analysis, Volume Calculation and Change Detection

Real-Time Innovation GIS Solutions: Known Wildfire Emergency Response Mapping

The FME Architecture Behind the New AltaLIS System

The Geography of Being Born too Small

Geospatial Development at Edmonton Public Schools

Building Modern Geospatial Web Applications Using Free and Open-Source Software, Open Standards, Open Data

Developing GIS Webtools with R and Shiny

Implementing Field 2 Finish Workflows for a Large & Diverse Organization

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