Day 1

Lowering the Line Loss Through Modeling Practices

Policing the 106th Grey Cup

STAC, ZARR, COG, K8S and Data Cubes

Maintaining Infrastructure in a Public Works Environment Using Mobile-GIS

It Ain’t Heavy, It’s Just Data

Integrating SaaS-based AI & Digital Mapping with Traditional Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Techniques

The Power of Google Earth Engine for Habitat Modelling at fRi Research

Integrating Alberta OneCall and Cityworks using Cityworks API and FME Server

Alberta Data Partnerships; Where We Are and Next Steps

Online Mapping Tool to Assist in Renewable-Energy Siting

Five steps to a better Geospatial Strategy

Using Open Source Tools to Bring Geospatial Data into Daily Operations

Day 2

AMDSP: Getting Ready for NG9-1-1

Emergency Response Management: A Guide to App Development using ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard and Quick Capture

Geomatics and the Modern Farm: The Olds College Smart Farm Story

Automated CAD Validation Using FME

Medicine Hat’s New GIS Framework; The First Year

How to develop automated and streamlined data processes

Managing Gravel with GIS

Lunch and Keynote: Unstoppable GeoAlberta: mental health…mental wealth.

Jedi Level Communication Mastery

How to “Sell” GIS Projects to Senior Management

The Journey to Open Data

Utilization of Mobile GIS for Water Utilities

Visualizing proprietary and public real estate data in real time for a better home buying and selling experience

Assessment of Available Sight Distance and Identification of Collision Causes on Highways using Remote Sensing Technology

Digital Transformation of Weed Inspections or How I learned to configure Survey123

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